Yesterday I was looking through a Coastal Living Magazine and saw a home with a refrigerator that had belonged to the owner's grandmother. The woman had it brought up from her basement and refurbished so that she could use it in her summer home. I thought that was such a cool idea! Not only was it sentimental for the home owner, but it also looked super cool. Knowing that not all of us are lucky enough to inherit such a cool heirloom, I did a little research. I found a company, called Big Chill , that not only makes retro refrigerators, but other appliances, too. Now, you definitely have to be 100% committed to the vintage look, but by using appliances like this you can really give your kitchen a punch of 1952! Whether you want to just give your kitchen a simple touch of this retro style OR you want to make the whole kitchen feel like a blast from the past, the Big Chill is one option that does the trick. You could even add a pop of color by mixing a kitchen full of modern stainless steel appliances with a vibrant refrigerator or range. Either way, know that by adding something a little different to your kitchen is what separates it from every other kitchen out there!!