Tired of the pollen taking over your home?? I know I am! Yesterday, I cleaned off my kitchen counters, ran upstairs to put away laundry which took maybe 20 minutes, and came back to that relentless, gritty, yellow film coating all my kitchen surfaces. I could literally taste it in the air! I closed all the doors and windows, sat down and started "googling" for tips on how to stop (or at least cut down) the pollen in my home.               

Some good tips I found included putting an antistatic mat by the doors to capture pollen off your shoes. I also read that taking your shoes off outside at leaving them there will keep the pollen from being spread throughout your home. Something I didn't know was that when washing your microfiber cloths, do not use detergent as it stops the fabric from holding onto the pollen particles as well as it should. But, the best information I found is in this handy article from the Washington Post. So, thought I'd share it with all of you. I hope it helps you in the war against pollen!!

Ahhhhh. Clean counters!