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Kitchen Redesign


Summer Seaside Kitchen

When Kitchen & Bath Details was approached by a client for a kitchen in their summer home, we knew one thing for certain – these folks will be entertaining! Houseguests abound when you own a stunning home on property overlooking Mattapoisett Harbor. As family and friends wander in off the beach to begin to unwind for a lovely meal the reminiscing begins: previous summers, missed putts and Opti’s gone awry. Our homeowners wanted a large functional space to accommodate many hands to assist in the evening meal preparations and to share in the joy of togetherness.

The Kitchen & Bath Details design team went to work creating a kitchen that has multiple work stations, a big country sink and an island that houses a microwave, seating and the ever present jar of fresh flowers collected from the garden. The color palate was inspired by the seaside location, Medallions semi-custom cabinetry in Oyster Heirloom finish and expansive granite countertops the color of beach sand set the tone for a relaxed weekend retreat.

As many residents on the southeast coast of MA would agree, no one feels like leaving the activities early to hit the supermarket. Chief Designer Tena Collyer allowed for this by installing an impressive Sub-Zero refrigerator, ice maker and refrigerator drawers. The kitchen had several unusual angles, which Tena used to her design advantage, angling the SubZero transitions the space between kitchen, wet bar and into the dining area. As a nod towards the families’ love of grilling and their sense of humor, asparagus pulls were used on the SubZero!




Plain & Fancy with Chad Michael Peters

Recently we were brought into a kitchen renovation in Concord, MA, by our lifelong friend, designer, Chad Michael Peters. The setting, decor and the homeowners’ passion for history gave us the genre in which to work. Our mission, respect the homes colonial roots, while implementing beauty and functionality.

Kitchen & Bath Details designer, Tena and Chad collaborated to design cabinetry and trim that enhances the understated luxury of natural cherry cabinetry in a hand finished matte. Plain and Fancy Cabinets were the perfect choice to execute such an elegant cabinetry design. As a nod toward a more modern trend, there is the introduction of soft white cabinetry on the island which houses the warming oven. This is all finished in custom honed and antiqued granite counter tops. Tena's is known for her detailed eye, and the more time the homeowners spend in this kitchen their appreciation for her technical skill is growing.

There are literally thousands of tiles to choose from; for this modern traditional kitchen the elegant classic, antique subway tile in soft white, was a natural choice. A signature beaded detail made the quilted pattern behind the stove a true tile showcase.

Jill poured through hardware catalogue after catalogue until our decision was unanimous, nickel handles and drawer pulls and the fabulous Kohler faucet to add an elegant finishing touch.

The mood of any room is always set by the lighting, this is particularly important in a kitchen, where you quickly transition from the task of cooking to sitting down with your loved ones to share the events of the day. It was of utmost importance to keep the lighting fixtures consistant with the period of the home; hence the decision to install custom nickel pendant lighting.

It was a joy to be a part of this project. Kitchen redesigns allow us to infuse a home with new life and enhance the homeowners’ enjoyment of this room that is always the center of activity!

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Retro Modern Country Kitchen

Kitchen & Bath Details was thrilled to be asked to create a Retro Modern Country Kitchen for a family with young children. The title sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but with some clever design skills and imagination from principal Tena Collyer, all elements were incorporated into this professional working kitchen.

From the start of the project it was apparent that the modern element would come in the form of high end commercial grade appliances. To incorporate the country effect, off white distressed Medallion semi custom cabinetry was installed along the perimeter of the kitchen.

As a modern compliment to the cabinets, KB Details used a black antiqued distressed island with coordinating wall cabinets. Beautiful granite countertops were a perfect choice for their aesthetics and function.

The client has a love of baking; therefore, a designated baking center was outfitted next to the double range the open shelving provides a retro look.

This spacious kitchen is the perfect setting for the ultimate accessory, a gaggle of happy family members eating, baking, doing homework, and enjoying life.