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Ship Street Serenity

We are very excited to share the great kitchen transformation at our ‘Ship Street Serenity’ project. Tena turned a completely dysfunctional and dated kitchen into a fully functional dream come true for our clients.

The main goal was to create a space for our clients to enjoy life in a serene atmosphere. We selected a beautiful Praa Sands Cambria countertop for the island and the pantry to bring in calming colors of sea glass. This countertop was our key in tying in all of the other elements in the room.  


Before Kitchen
9.9.2012 004.jpg
9.9.2012 006.jpg


StarMark Cabinetry
Praa Sands Cambria
Photography by Phil Mello of Big Fish Studio

Photography by Phil Mello of Big Fish Studio



Storage Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

Did you know that you can accessorize bath vanities the same way you can accessorize your kitchen? Internal organization is sometimes forgotten when it comes to planning a bathroom. Not at Details! Take a look at these examples from our custom cabinet line, Plain & Fancy. Can you imagine how wonderful these cabinets would be in your bathroom? All three of our cabinet lines offer similar lines of internal organization, which can be incorporated into your new bathroom!



We're on Houzz

Planning a home project or renovation and don't know where to begin? Start here! SO many times we have visitors in our showroom telling us about how they are starting to think about an upcoming project but feel lost. In our opinion, photos are the best way to figure out what you want, what you need, and what you don't want or need. This website is similar to Pinterest in the sense that you're "marking" photos and creating your own inspiration groupings. Houzz calls it an Ideabook. You can create your own to help turn your project into your dream project! A lot of designers, manufacturers and contractors post their own project photos that you can look through. We started a page, too! Check it out and get your project rolling!



Nantucket Inspired Kitchen | Custom Color Match

Here at Details, we want each one of our clients to have a kitchen that is unlike any other. We love that our custom cabinet line, Plain & Fancy, allows us to color match pretty much any piece of inspiration. We are now excited to announce that our semi-custom cabinet lines are following suit and processing custom colors as well!

In this specific kitchen, our client wanted to achieve the feel of a Nantucket cottage here in Mattapoisett. We selected soft, ocean like colors, and kept it fairly whimsical, to keep the formality out of the space. When our client was interviewed, she was so pleased that we were able to bring her dream kitchen to life. She also raved about the functionality of the kitchen. She loves how well the bar area in the adjoining room works for entertaining. It also keeps her guests out of the main cooking area. She also stated how much she enjoys the corner sink overlooking her back yard. Prior to the renovation, this space was the main doorway into the home. Everything was opened up and by doing so the house flows better and definitely seems more spacious. We are so happy to hear that we were able to create the kitchen of her dreams!
Amazing transformation by Tena Collyer and design team at Details
Materials Used in this kitchen...
Appliances: SubZero & Wolf (42" SubZero Side by Side; SubZero Beverage Center; Wolf L Series Double Ovens; Wolf Electric Cooktop; Wolf Warming Drawer)
Custom Color Matching...
Do you have a paint color or piece of inspiration that you would like to see in your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry?
Here’s some information about the custom color process from Plain & Fancy:
 “Requests for custom color matches arrive at Plain & Fancy every day, often in the form of a paint or fabric swatch. Working with our encyclopedic color library, trained technicians with years of experience begin the matching process by selecting an existing base resin that’s closest to the desired shade. Using bench-top mixers, the base resin is blended with high-concentrate pigment tints, which are painstakingly measured out in 0.01 gram increments until the correct color is achieved. The resulting paint is then hand-applied to a pair of sample doors—one for the customer and one for our library—employing the same two-stage technique used on the production floor: first a catalyst is added to help cure the finish; then heat is applied to create an extremely hard and durable surface. Once the customer has approved the match, full-scale production can begin.
We’ve so perfected the Plain & Fancy custom color match system that we are able to recreate accurately almost any hue from any source a customer cares to send us, however bold or subtle, quirky or classic. Recent cases in point include a pair of well-worn (and much-loved) denim jeans; a sky-blue vintage 1950s coffee cup; a weathered gray painted roof shingle; and, most challengingly, the delicate shade found on the underside of a wild mushroom.”



Whimsical Decorative Hardware

We're having a lot of fun reminiscing and going back through eight years worth of ads, articles, photographs, etc.  We picked out two of our favorite hardware ads to showcase on our blog. So much fun! And… we still have these available for sale!



Made in America

After hearing about ABC’s “Made in America” program, I started thinking about our business and product offering. What is “Made In America”? 

I have great news! With the exception of some of our decorative hardware and plumbing companies, EVERYTHING we offer is MADE IN AMERICA!!!

From Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry to SubZero & Wolf, we can literally make your entire kitchen and/or bathroom out of products made right here in the United States. What a great feeling to support OUR country!

So, next time you go to make a purchase, think about where it's made. You can make a difference and support our country too!



Secondary Sinks in the Kitchen

Currently, I am designing 3 different kitchens for 3 different clients who all have completely different needs. While working on each unique design, I have noticed one major commonality between them all.... a secondary sink.

My first set of clients are a married couple who's children are all out of the house living on their own. The husband and wife both love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. For them, the secondary sink acts as a secondary "prep area". Even though, most of the time, they each have separate duties, they will undoubtedly need the sink at the same time. Now, they each have their own space to work on their own part of the meal.

In my second project, my clients are big entertainers. They love having parties and inviting all their friends and family over. The kitchen as a whole doesn't have enough room for an entire Wet Bar Built-In. So, by designing in a secondary sink, we are able to create a "bar area" for their guests. Now, they'll have a space that is suitable for preparing their guests' drinks and rinsing glassware.

The third kitchen design is for a family of 5. My clients have 3 young children all under the age of 10. Being the fabulous parents they are, this couple has their kids join in on the after diner clean-up. This is where the secondary sink comes in handy. While Mom or Dad are cleaning the big pots and pans in the main sink, the kids are able to rinse off all the dishes and put them in the dishwasher without anyone getting in anyone's way. Having this designated "clean-up center" makes tidying up the kitchen much faster and less of a hassle.

I've added some great "inspiration" photos of kitchens with a secondary sink.

Would you want a secondary sink in your kitchen? If yes, why?



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House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year - 2010

I was ecstatic to hear that Jeff Lewis would be the designer for House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year! We are huge fans of Jeff at Details and often use his Bravo TV show “Flipping Out” as a common water cooler conversation. We rarely get the opportunity to design with contemporary styling in our area, so admiring his projects can be a breath of fresh air.

For me, Jeff does an amazing job making contemporary design appealing to someone with traditional taste.  The key is keeping things clean.  I think we can thank his OCD for this talent. Overcrowding with props and/or countertop appliances can definitely ruin a look – especially when working with contemporary design.  The open shelving, for example, looks fantastic with just basic white dinnerware and plain glass stemware.  A pop of color with natural objects, like flowers or plants, are also a great idea to keep things simple and less distracting to the eye.  To add something a little bit punchy… my favorite “pop” of color in any kitchen would be the illustrious red knobs on a Wolf range. What a statement!

We can’t wait to see what Jeff has in store for us when the new season of “Flipping Out” begins on August 10th.  Check it out!!!



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Transitional Kitchen Design

In the design community, contemporary style and European influence has seemingly taken over in the past 10 years or so. Hard lines and angles have been used with cold materials and colors to accomplish an almost naked look. This commercial style was not only being designed for offices and public spaces, but also private homes. However, recently I've been noticing a surge of warmth showing itself in mainstream design. For so long, I think people were missing a very important part of how a home should feel... comfortable.

Now, those same people are thoughtfully embracing color and softness into their spaces. The outcome? A transitional style that meets traditional and contemporary in the middle. The overly intricate details of a traditional style have been toned down while the colors and textures have been enhanced. The clean lines of contemporary designs have still been embraced, however, the materials and textiles used are warming up the look. And, of course, no design trend can change without affecting the kitchen design field!

For example, with HGTV's 2010 Green Home came a refreshing dose of transitional design. The kitchen flaunts beautiful framed inset cabinetry with great vintage cup pulls, which is all quite traditional looking. However, the doors are simplified by their shaker style and crisp white finish while the cup pulls tie in with the new (and modern!) stainless steel appliances. The warmth of the wood flooring makes for a perfect contrast with the red quartz island countertop. The chunky crown moulding with its' simplified profile meets the traditional bead board ceiling seamlessly. All of this, along with many other details, lends itself to the comfortable and fresh feeling style that is Transitional Design.

What are your thoughts on this design style?




The Importance of Working with a Kitchen Designer

As kitchen designers we are repeatedly asked, what are the benefits of working with a designer rather than a stocked box company? The most important and most clear reason, in my opinion, is customization. Renovating a kitchen is a big investment and we understand that. So, in the process, why not make your new kitchen the space of your dreams?! For this "On The Water Addition" my client had a few specific needs that had to be met in the re-design of her kitchen. 

First was space. There needed to be plenty of seating for her family and friends to sit comfortably while she was busy cooking up a storm in her new kitchen. There also needed to be enough counter space so that the prepared food could be served from a spot in the kitchen other than her work areas. In order to accommodate that, we configured a large asymmetrical island that provided enough space for everyone to sit. Then, we designed a long, easily accessible, built-in buffet. With the windows above, it really becomes the focal point of the room.


Secondly, because of that entertaining, she needed to know that the clean up process wouldn't be a slow one. To make sure that didn't happen, we incorporated an additional "clean-up station" in the island. This included an extra sink and full size dishwasher. Now the home owner can be assured she won't be wasting quality time with her guests in order to finish cleaning the kitchen.

Third, the importance of recycling was expressed to me. She needed a place to keep her cans and bottles organized but, at the same time, out of sight. So, designed into the floor plan and disguised by the cabinetry is a base cabinet that allows the family to send cans and bottles to the basement. There the cans and bottles can be sorted into their correct bins. 

 And last but not least... coffee! My client wanted to make her morning routine of coffee making easier and less of a hassle. Her Keurig was going to be decently far from the sink areas. So rather than having to bring the Keurig to the faucet across the kitchen, we designed a faucet specifically for the Keurig itself. Now, no more spilling water on the floor!

I guess my point is that if you're going to be investing your time, money and energy into such a large project, the choice is clear! Work with a professional and make your new kitchen a unique space built just for you!

Bethany Gardner, Designer for Kitchen & Bath Details



Budget Friendly Kitchen Renovation

"A Look for Less"

How many times do you go out browsing and absolutely fall in love with something you see? And then, just when you have decided you can't live without this item, you think to yourself, if it looks this good, it has to be out of my budget. In our showroom, it happens to the people who walk in here everyday. But! What you may not realize is that we, at Details, are capable of giving you the style you want with the price you need. By carrying 3 different cabinet lines, we are able to look at the options for price range, style/finish selections, and available modifications. This allows us to select the perfect company (or companies) for each individual project.

My "Tinkham Reno" project started off with the client walking into our "Living Kitchen" display at the showroom saying, "This is it! This is my kitchen." Our "Living Kitchen" display was designed by Tena. If you haven't seen this display, you need to! (photo below) She specified beautiful Buttercream painted StarMark Cabinetry for the surround cabinets and classic cherry stained cabinetry from Plain & Fancy for the island. So, now that the overall look was nailed down in about 5 minutes, it was time apply it to my client's space and expectations.

After understanding all the the client's wants and needs, we realized that we would be over on the budget. One cause for this was the island by our fully custom line, Plain & Fancy. My thought was to switch the island from Plain & Fancy to StarMark, which was the semi-custom cabinet line we were already using for the surround cabinetry. So, with a pricing goal in mind, I replicated the custom island from the showroom. The stain/glaze finish, as well as the construction and modification options, were all slightly different. The doors styles, although similar, did change a bit, too. But, with compromise from my client and some design tweaking on my part, the outcome was fantastic!


So, the next time you're in our showroom, don't think for a minute that anything is out of reach because of budget restraints. With a little bit of give and take, you can have the space of your dreams!



Using Reflective Surfaces in Kitchen & Bath Design


Tena’s thoughts on…………… REFLECTION

 re-flec-tion - the return of light after striking a surface

In my opinion, one of the most important things to remember when designing is not to forget the little details.  It is those little details that together create amazing spaces.


I have found that one of the more important details is in the creative use of reflective surfaces.  We, by nature, seem to be drawn to reflected and refracted light in everyday objects; the “bling” of a diamond ring, the “sparkle” of the morning sun dancing on the water, the “shimmer” of beach sand.  In the context of kitchen and bath design reflective surfaces can be used to brighten a dark room, visually enlarge a smaller more compact space, bring the beautiful outdoors in or simply make all of the non-reflective surfaces PoP. Reflective surfaces in the kitchen or bath can typically be found in the use of shiny tiles, polished stone countertops, certain metals, glossy wood floors, decorative glass in cabinets or hardware, glazed ceramics - or - quite literally, mirror and incandescent lighting.

One example would be the use of small iridescent glass tiles in a wide range of soft hues in an otherwise non-descript crisp white bathroom. (I personally LOVE Walker-Zanger tile)  These types of reflective tiles are like chameleons. They will create completely different atmospheres depending on your mood or time of day.  For instance, bright daylight would bounce off of these tiles and create a light, bright and cheerful appearance great for morning preparation.  In the evening, illuminated by candlelight or under the dimmed light of the incandescent bulbs these tiles would create a soothing backdrop perfect for relaxing in the tub after a long day.

In another example, my Client’s lighter-toned polished granite countertop in close proximity to an enormous glass patio door reflects her absolutely phenomenal view.  My Client was spot on with her selection of polished granite to contrast with her beautiful limestone floors and low-sheen painted cabinetry.  The reflection of the sparkling water and lovely surroundings seem to brighten her kitchen on even the gloomiest of days.

In the end…. It’s always “all about the details”!



Great American Bake Sale Buzz

It's time to get ready for Details' 2nd Annual Great American Bake Sale!

Join us on Saturday, July 17th from 9:30am to 5:00pm as we raise money to help end childhood hunger in America!

Here is a little background info... "Great American Bake Sale" is a country wide fundraising event created by the Share Our Strength organization and sponsored by Food Network, Domino Sugar and Family Circle Magazine. Share Our Strength is the leading national organization working to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry. The organization weaves together a net of community groups, activists, and food programs to catch children at risk of hunger and ensure they have nutritious food where they live, learn and play.

In the world's wealthiest nation, no child should grow up hungry!! Here are some stats I found frightning... Over the course of a year, more than 12 million children in America worry about when their next meal will come.  That's one in six who are at risk of hunger and who have limited or uncertain access to the nutritious food they need to thrive. Our participation in the "Great American Bake Sale" is raising the critical funds needed to support after-school and summer feeding programs in our community and across the country. 

My team needs your help!  

I am looking for bakers to donate goodies for the sale, prizes for our raffle (ie: gift certificates, gift baskets, etc.) but most importantly, I'm asking for your attendance on July 17th!!! 

Please contact me at Kitchen & Bath Details if you would like to donate ( or 508.758.6083)

Here are some shots of our 2008 Great American Bake Sale!

This year our team hopes to raise $2000.00!! With your help, we can work to end childhood hunger in America!

As of June 10th, I have ten volunteer bakers and the following raffle prize donations:

4 Tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park

Gift Certificate to Kitchen & Bath Details

Boo's Butcherblock Cutting Board

Hand Crafted Pewter Sea Life Push Pins

Gift Certificate to Bertucci's

I hope to add more and more to this list of raffle prizes so we can reach our goal of $2000.00! 
Stay tuned for more info and updates!



Our New Mattapoisett Showroom

We are so excited to have opened our new showroom at 81 1/2 Fairhaven Road in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Located at the River Shops, our showroom boasts gorgeous kitchen and bathroom displays along with thousands of samples of glimmering hardware, fixtures and the latest in kitchen appliance design by Wolf and Sub Zero.

As you walk into our showroom you are greeted by a grand display of Plain and Fancy Cabinetry. With details such as an elegant mantle to display your favorite collection, or hidden spice compartments behind carved columns, this display beautifully showcases the craftsmanship of the cabinet makers and the style of our lead designer, Tena Collyer.

Tena chose a traditional mid tone solid cherry cabinet and decorated them with semi precious hardware made of Jade, Mother of Pearl and Pen Shells. To add an additional seaside flair, Tena chose a granite reminiscent of river rock for both the countertop and the backsplash. This kitchen is not only functional but graceful, grand and elegant.

Details offers an extensive selection of decorative hardware. From fun and whimsical to rare gems and fine crystal, the hardware selection is magnificent.

Details is proud to unveil a fully functional kitchen showcasing the latest and greatest from SubZero & Wolf.

Here in our new working kitchen we can showcase the functionality of the cabinet design in conjunction with the amazing appliances. We chose to use a blend of custom and semi-custom cabinetry. We used Starmark and Semi-Custom in a buttercream painted finish. We then layered on a gorgeous absolute honed absolute black granite countertop.

We chose to kick it up a notch with a custom designed island and finished it in Plain and Fancy's new dry brushed glaze. The end result is a stunning anchor of design in the kitchen that has a furniture like feel. It warms up the space and defines "homey". To further enhance this look we chose a double stacked granite countertop that perfectly balances the scale of the island with its chunky dimensions.

The black stools, also available at Details, provide the perfect finishing touch to this stunning working kitchen.

Door samples by Plain & Fancy can be viewed in our new sample room along with numerous samples from our other cabinet lines. We have also created an additional sample room just for countertop finishes. 

Our window display is a beautiful blend of stained and painted maple cabinetry by Plain & Fancy. This classic country look will brighten up any space and would look perfect in a period home, that needs updating. Custom brackets and a painted interior in the center wall cabinet add beautiful details without overwhelming the eye and provide a perfect place to display a collection of whiteware (available at Surroundings).  

We chose to have a little fun in our new showroom. Here Tena used Contempo Fizz, a unique contemporary style display from Medallion semi-custom cabinetry in a deep gingersnap stain on cherry wood. The modern hardware along with mirrored backsplashdesigned to be reminiscent of soda fizz, make this display a perfect inspiration for a bar in your own home.

Sparkling granite countertops and polished chrome mosaic hardware truly make this display shine.

Perfect for the upscale seaside home, the "Yacht Club Bath" includes a custom bow front StarMark vanity with an elegant creamy marble top. Polished nickel fixtures and accessories give that nautical look, but with an upscale feel.

In 2006 Details designed the kitchen for Coastal Living Magazine’s Idea House. We loved the kitchen so much, we wanted to replicate it in our new showroom. This overall look is a perfect representation of a design style we call “coastal casual”, which we use often in our seaside town of Mattapoisett and surrounding coastal areas.

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry in white enamel with Benjamin Moore’s Yarmouth Blue accents

Caesarstone “Dusty Stones” Quartz countertops

Tiles by Kim Barry of Clay Trout Pottery




Warm Cherry Transitional Remodel

When clients of ours called and said that one of their waterlogged cabinets had literally fallen off of the wall, we knew and they knew that it was time for a new kitchen. What began as a stark, white kitchen has been transformed into a gorgeous, modern transitional kitchen for a busy household. We chose to work with Starmark Cabinetry to design a contemporary take on cherry. The subtle hues of this natural wood lend natural warmth to the kitchen that was missing before. Out clients selected glossy granite, SubZero & Wolf appliances and finished off the kitchen with bright and shiny hardware. It is amazing to see just how different this showcase kitchen was before. Scroll down to view all angles of this fantastic kitchen.