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Mattapoisett Kitchen Remodel


Church Street Kitchen Remodel

Our Church Street kitchen remodel project is complete!  Some unexpected water damage in this home led to a gorgeous brand new kitchen!

Job Details: 

Cabinetry: Omega Manor Door; Pure White on Surround Cabinetry and Rain on the Island

Countertops: Soapstone Surround; Torquay Cambria Island; Locally sourced Mahogany hutch top

Installation: Southcoast Design & Construction


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Sapele Wood Countertops

We’ve seen a growing trend in recent years of clients choosing man-made countertops such as quartz in their remodeling projects.  Quartz is very durable and non-porous which makes it an easy pick for clients, but there are still lots of great natural products that can be just as beautiful and durable if properly cared for. 

We feature a lovely hutch here in our showroom that has a show-stopping sapele wood countertop.    It’s a true stand-out piece and its classic, refined look has been duplicated in many of our clients’ homes.   We often get questions about the species of wood as well as the durability of the countertops, and we are always excited to share this information!

We source our wood countertops from a company called CraftArt.  They are known for their remarkable craftsmanship and durability.  The specific wood that our hutch features is sapele (pronounced sah-pelly) and is considered an exotic wood.   It’s slightly harder than maple yet softer than hickory.  Its strength is comparable to oak.  Contrary to popular belief, sapele is actually NOT mahogany, but is extremely similar and from the same family.  It is actually more durable than true mahoganies.

Sapele’s grain is what makes it so unique – it is interlocked and changes directions in frequent, irregular intervals.  Prior to WWI, the principal demand for the wood came from Germany where it was used for decorative cabinetry.  It is currently one of Europe’s most desired woods in the making of doors, windows and hardwood flooring.  Sapele has a wide variety of applications and is popular as a decorative surface for high-grade furniture such as book cases and cabinetry.

The sapele tree grows in Africa – specifically from Sierra Leone to Angola and eastward through the Congo to Uganda.  The trees grow approximately 100-150 feet tall with a width of 3-5 feet.

Some fun facts on sapele:  

·         It was found in the propeller blades of German Zeppelins

·         The rich wood is currently used in the interiors of Cadillacs

·         Sapele is used to make many types of musical instruments such as guitars, ukuleles and harps

The wooden countertops we specify from CraftArt are finished with Waterlox which consists of tung-oil that is modified with a phenolic resin to provide chemical and water resistance as well as making them food safe.  Because the wood pores are sealed, the countertops are extremely stain resistant and can be maintained with just a mild cleanser.

Visit CraftArts website for more FAQ’s and information or stop by our showroom to view our beautiful sapele countertop!

Blog content courtesy of our lovely Showroom Manager and Project Coordinator, Lauren Katz.

goodspeed bar
yarmouth hutch
parker bar top
hutch sapele

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Nantucket Inspired Kitchen | Custom Color Match

Here at Details, we want each one of our clients to have a kitchen that is unlike any other. We love that our custom cabinet line, Plain & Fancy, allows us to color match pretty much any piece of inspiration. We are now excited to announce that our semi-custom cabinet lines are following suit and processing custom colors as well!

In this specific kitchen, our client wanted to achieve the feel of a Nantucket cottage here in Mattapoisett. We selected soft, ocean like colors, and kept it fairly whimsical, to keep the formality out of the space. When our client was interviewed, she was so pleased that we were able to bring her dream kitchen to life. She also raved about the functionality of the kitchen. She loves how well the bar area in the adjoining room works for entertaining. It also keeps her guests out of the main cooking area. She also stated how much she enjoys the corner sink overlooking her back yard. Prior to the renovation, this space was the main doorway into the home. Everything was opened up and by doing so the house flows better and definitely seems more spacious. We are so happy to hear that we were able to create the kitchen of her dreams!
Amazing transformation by Tena Collyer and design team at Details
Materials Used in this kitchen...
Appliances: SubZero & Wolf (42" SubZero Side by Side; SubZero Beverage Center; Wolf L Series Double Ovens; Wolf Electric Cooktop; Wolf Warming Drawer)
Custom Color Matching...
Do you have a paint color or piece of inspiration that you would like to see in your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry?
Here’s some information about the custom color process from Plain & Fancy:
 “Requests for custom color matches arrive at Plain & Fancy every day, often in the form of a paint or fabric swatch. Working with our encyclopedic color library, trained technicians with years of experience begin the matching process by selecting an existing base resin that’s closest to the desired shade. Using bench-top mixers, the base resin is blended with high-concentrate pigment tints, which are painstakingly measured out in 0.01 gram increments until the correct color is achieved. The resulting paint is then hand-applied to a pair of sample doors—one for the customer and one for our library—employing the same two-stage technique used on the production floor: first a catalyst is added to help cure the finish; then heat is applied to create an extremely hard and durable surface. Once the customer has approved the match, full-scale production can begin.
We’ve so perfected the Plain & Fancy custom color match system that we are able to recreate accurately almost any hue from any source a customer cares to send us, however bold or subtle, quirky or classic. Recent cases in point include a pair of well-worn (and much-loved) denim jeans; a sky-blue vintage 1950s coffee cup; a weathered gray painted roof shingle; and, most challengingly, the delicate shade found on the underside of a wild mushroom.”



Seaside Kitchen Design with Entertaining in Mind

This client wanted a kitchen made for entertaining! With a large family always ready for a gathering, this space needed to be comfortable and functional for all. A large island was the perfect solution to accommodate seating for at least 10. Two sinks, one large dishwasher and two dishwasher drawers make clean-up quick and easy. Which, of course, allows the clients to enjoy more time with their company. The design was to be fresh yet subtle as to not take away from the gorgeous view of the harbor. This crisp style makes the open kitchen feel that much more spacious. All the design choices and decisions were made in order to accomplish a kitchen which is just as welcoming as it is efficient.

Kitchen design by Bethany

Plain and Fancy Custom Cabinetry
Cascade White on Maple; Full Overlay Vogue & Nantucket Door Styles
Glacier White Corian - Surround
Witch Hazel Corian - Island
Emtek Milk Glass knobs with Starfish and Sea Scallop Accent knobs
Wolf 36" Single Oven - L Series
BI 42" SubZero




Snow Fields - Old World Style

It is very special to have a kitchen large enough to accommodate an enormous island and a table that easily seats six!  In this kitchen Chief Designer Tena Collyer was inspired by the high ceilings and wooden beams. The centerpiece of the room is the Plain & Fancy white latte glazed island, all topped with stunning granite countertops. High end, Sub Zero and Wolf appliances lend a professional feel to this very cozy family gathering spot.

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