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High Ridge Kitchen Project - New Construction

Our High Ridge kitchen project is complete! It was so great to catch up with our client at the photo shoot yesterday, and hear about how much she LOVES her kitchen! She couldn't be happier with the design and the product selection.

Cabinetry by Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry
Appliances by Sub-Zero and Wolf via Clarke Appliance Showrooms
Installation by Isabelle Construction
Plumbing Fixtures by ROHL Luxury Faucets & Fixtures
Tile by Walker Zanger
Lighting by Visual Comfort & Co.

Special Thanks to Phil Mello of Big Fish Studio for the wonderful photography!

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high ridge 8
high ridge 9
high ridge 10
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Using Reflective Surfaces in Kitchen & Bath Design


Tena’s thoughts on…………… REFLECTION

 re-flec-tion - the return of light after striking a surface

In my opinion, one of the most important things to remember when designing is not to forget the little details.  It is those little details that together create amazing spaces.


I have found that one of the more important details is in the creative use of reflective surfaces.  We, by nature, seem to be drawn to reflected and refracted light in everyday objects; the “bling” of a diamond ring, the “sparkle” of the morning sun dancing on the water, the “shimmer” of beach sand.  In the context of kitchen and bath design reflective surfaces can be used to brighten a dark room, visually enlarge a smaller more compact space, bring the beautiful outdoors in or simply make all of the non-reflective surfaces PoP. Reflective surfaces in the kitchen or bath can typically be found in the use of shiny tiles, polished stone countertops, certain metals, glossy wood floors, decorative glass in cabinets or hardware, glazed ceramics - or - quite literally, mirror and incandescent lighting.

One example would be the use of small iridescent glass tiles in a wide range of soft hues in an otherwise non-descript crisp white bathroom. (I personally LOVE Walker-Zanger tile)  These types of reflective tiles are like chameleons. They will create completely different atmospheres depending on your mood or time of day.  For instance, bright daylight would bounce off of these tiles and create a light, bright and cheerful appearance great for morning preparation.  In the evening, illuminated by candlelight or under the dimmed light of the incandescent bulbs these tiles would create a soothing backdrop perfect for relaxing in the tub after a long day.

In another example, my Client’s lighter-toned polished granite countertop in close proximity to an enormous glass patio door reflects her absolutely phenomenal view.  My Client was spot on with her selection of polished granite to contrast with her beautiful limestone floors and low-sheen painted cabinetry.  The reflection of the sparkling water and lovely surroundings seem to brighten her kitchen on even the gloomiest of days.

In the end…. It’s always “all about the details”!